RootReg 1.0

RootReg can register and un-register files in your system
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Many files contain special information that has to be placed into the system registry, otherwise such files can't operate properly. To perform such registration, you have to type long and complicated commands into the command line. RootReg is a tiny application that simplifies this procedure. It's main purpose is to perform registration and un-registration in your system. The application has a very easy-to-use interface and the above-listed actions can be performed by a single mouse click. It's main window is organized in three tabs. The first and the second tabs are for registration and un-registration. Both of them contain lists of files available for registering and un-registering. When the procedure is successfully completed the application shows you the confirmation message. The third tab allows you to connect to the developers' database to search for the files that are missing. The application can tackle with different tasks. For example, you can find some malware application that has registered itself in your system and un-register it manually.

Ilya Barmenkov
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